India is emerging as a favored destination for International students to study. From quality education to cheap travel opportunities, India has a lot to offer to International students.

As a developing economy, India is striving to absorb the best practices of the Western academia while avoiding the pitfalls which could be detrimental to the growth of an inclusive quality education system. With several of its universities and institutions like IITs, IIMs, IISC etc making it to the QS Higher Education System Strengths Rankings, India is offering world class education at an affordable price. That is why India is emerging as a new frontier for research and world class education without completely crippling the students financially. Besides, studying in India exposes you to the entire spectrum of human spirit and diverse geography on account of its sheer cultural diversity. The colours, the brightness and the madness of India is definitely worth your time. You will never have a dull moment during your time in India. Read on to find out why studying in India will be the best decisions you could make for yourself.


What do you get if you combine 789 universities, 37,204 colleges and 11,443 stand-alone institutions? India boasts of one of the most extensive education networks in the world offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in every conceivable subject. 

India’s technology and engineering courses are particularly impressive, known for their excellent teaching and cutting edge research. Courses in humanities, law and interdisciplinary studies are equally well designed and executed. 


India happens to be one of the few non- English speaking countries which offer courses in that language across all disciplines. Unlike in Europe and the U.S, education India does not require mandatory IELTS and TOEFL scores. You could take English improvement classes in India before enrolling for a course.


If you dream of traveling the world, India is a perfect country to begin with.  While you study in India you can visit countless places, from the mighty Himalayas in the North to the pristine beaches in the South. You can take a spiritual tour to Varanasi or take off to party destination – Goa. India offers incredibly diverse travel options. If you are a  travel enthusiast, make India your destination to study and explore it at leisure. And since education in India is inexpensive and the cost of living is low, you will have the luxury to afford travel across the country.


You can study in India for your desired degree without burning a hole in your pocket. The education in India comes at an affordable price as compared to the U.S and European countries. The scenario is rather bleak in the US  with student loans touching a whopping $1.5 trillion in 2018. You don’t want to be broke after finishing your degree. Do you? India’s low cost of education along with other perks is a deal to die for. But it’s not just low tuition fee that makes India a smart choice for students. The cost of living too is very budget-friendly. How much? Renting a one room apartment in India costs around $200 as opposed to $1000 in the US. The cost of food and utilities is also a lot cheaper .


India doesn’t have a homogenous culture. Languages, food and traditions change every ten miles in India. As an international student this immense cultural diversity in India could be initially daunting. One of the reasons to study in India is that most of the institutions and universities have their own accommodation for international students which means international students can live in a secure environment inside the campus. Living in these hostels, one can socialize and interact with students from other countries and take part in extracurricular activities. 

Education in India will not only equip you with a degree, the experience of navigating through unusual situations and the ability to think on your feet will equip you with skills which come handy in life and cant be learned in a classroom.

The author of the article is a Content Writer at Investronaut. She is a keen traveller and an avid reader. 


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