India Offering Better Platforms for International Students in Indian College and Universities

It is not only that Indian students are craving for foreign universities. Even international students are looking towards Indian institutes or colleges for good educational prospects. According to the reports, almost 40,000 international students apply to Indian institutes every year and the number is growing. All thanks to some world-class education centers like IIT’s and IIM’s that have made India an attractive educational destination for international students. 

In order to promote India as an educational hub, the Government of India has recently launched the Study in India initiative to increase foreign student enrolment by introducing new reforms that will include friendlier visa policies and easier application as well as enrolment process. 

Today, India is making every effort to provide best-in-class education in a competitive and complex market to attract as much international talent as possible.

Challenges earlier faced

Earlier, India was not top of the list for many prospective international students due to various factors like safety, hygiene and quality of life. These factors were critical from an international student’s standpoint. However, India today is offering higher living standards to prospective international students and providing broader opportunities that make it a go-to destination for students.

Also, despite the plethora of information available on the internet, international students always struggled in finding accurate information that can help these students make better-informed decisions to minimize the risk of studying abroad. With the Big Future Initiative (a website that provides complete and accurate information about universities and colleges and helps students understand the application process), students can easily find colleges according to their future interest. Students now have more exposure to university options which was not a possibility earlier.

Earlier, connecting with Indian institutes was not easy due to a large number of institutes present in India that offer diverse and varied quality of education. To overcome this challenge, College Board has formed a separate alliance known as the Global Higher Education Alliance that helps Indian and foreign universities to share best practices of student enrolment for Indian students aiming to study abroad and for international students planning to study in India.

Future plans

According to the reports, the Government of India is planning to accommodate more than 2 lakh enrolments of foreign students by 2023. With Indian institutes providing best education at a fraction of price, India is definitely setting an example for other countries. SAT, Big Future and the Alliance, all together are helping foreign students to apply for Indian colleges or institutes with a lot of ease.


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