The Most Popular Courses for International Students in India

Home to countless religions, vibrant culture, and a thriving economy, India manifests a unique combination of age-old traditions and new technology. This has attracted a growing population of foreign students to the country. Students from Middle Eastern countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia along with African countries such as Sudan and Somalia have chosen India as their preferred study destination. With the country making rapid strides in Engineering, Technology, Medicine, and Management in the last decade, India has also seen the emergence of a number of world-class institutions with a wide range of courses that have attracted foreign students.

Choosing the right course is a crucial decision and it can change your career for good. This article lists the top 10 courses in India to understand your career options in a better way.

Top Courses to Study in India


Over the years, engineering courses have become the most popular courses to study in the country. A testament to this is the rapid rise of engineering institutes in India from 1500 in 2007 to more than 3000 in 2015. These institutes produce nearly 1.5 million engineering graduates each year. Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical and Civil engineering are some of the top engineering branches and departments in India.

Depending on the field of study, there are different career paths that are available to you. For example, the growing demand for housing and infrastructure development, nuclear power projects and hydropower projects have led to an increased demand for civil engineers in India and abroad.

The duration of B.Tech. course in India is 4 years (8 semesters). To qualify, you must have Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) in 10 + 2. You also have to appear for either common entrance exams such as the JEE or the entrance exam held by individual colleges.

Arts and Humanities

Courses in humanities include the study of classical cultures, economy, psychology, languages, art, history, and literature. These courses don’t just give extra life to your imagination but also fuel your personal and professional potential.

An arts or humanities degree enable people to develop many of the core skills that employers find valuable today. There are several renowned colleges and universities in India providing undergraduate and graduate courses in arts and social sciences.

Commerce and Management

Management is one of the most popular courses in the country for international students at both undergraduate and graduate levels of study. The increasing number of business entities and a growing economy have driven the demand for business management professionals around the world.

The business management courses involve theoretical and practical exposure to the current business environment to equip students with managerial skills. These courses allow students to take up careers in manufacturing firms, sales and marketing departments, and the growing Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector.

The undergraduate BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) programme is spread over 3 years (6 semesters) while the MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme is a full-time course of 2 years (4 semesters). Students can further opt for specializations in Marketing, Finance, Data Analytics, Operations, and Human Resource Management. To enroll in the management courses, you need to either crack the popular entrance exam tests such as CAT and MAT or the institute-specific admission tests.

Journalism and Mass Communication

If you’re seeking a career in TV, print, radio or digital media, then undergraduate and graduate courses in Journalism and Mass Communication can be the perfect option for you. Choose an institution that provides an industry-relevant curriculum along with project work, field trips and specializations such as Video Production and Advertising.

The duration for the full-time undergraduate course in Journalism and Mass Communication is 3 years that includes 6 semesters. At the end of the course, you’ll be qualified to work in newspapers, radio, television, social media, public relations, event management, and the film industry.

Animation and Multimedia

Thanks to the advances in technology and software that allow your visions to come to life, be it in movies or video games, the animation and multimedia courses have become immensely popular in the country. The best animation and multimedia courses in India offer hands-on training and challenging real-world projects that go beyond theoretical teaching and the traditional classroom environment.

The career-oriented courses provide in-depth knowledge of fundamentals and advanced techniques of 2D and 3D animation, design visualization, and digital sculpting.

Choosing the right course is a crucial decision for international students looking to study in India. The key to making the right choice is finding your passion and choosing a course that helps you get ahead in your dream career.

Planning to study in India? Tell us about the course that you’re looking to pursue in the comments section below.


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