5 Important Questions to Ask Before Joining an English Language Course

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Now that you’ve decided to pursue your education abroad, it’s vital to brush up on your language skills before starting a full-time academic degree programme in India. If English training is something that you’ve considered seriously, there are various language programmes that are tailormade for international students in India. To make your search for courses easier, here are the five important questions that you should ask before enrolling.

Is the institution accredited?

Don’t just enroll in the first course that pops up on the Internet search results – promising you the moon and the stars. It’s important to find an English language course that is offered by an accredited institution. Factors such as the course content, teaching methodology, course fee, past success stories, and references can help you discern the effectiveness of the course.

What qualifications do the faculty possess?

The other important factor when choosing an English language course is looking at the experience and qualifications of the faculty. An experienced instructor with a broad teaching experience will help you learn faster and improve your pronunciation and grammar. You can contact the language center to check the qualifications of the faculty.

Is the course just theory?

Learning English cannot simply be restricted to improving grammar and vocabulary. You need practical training to speak English clearly and fluently so that you can exchange ideas and opinions, express emotions, and present information in class. This is not something that you can master on your own. 

A good English language course will ensure the right blend of theory and spoken English training to help you get the right start and prepare you for success in future courses. It will help you develop a natural and accurate style of English pronunciation while honing your reading, writing and comprehension skills.

What are the facilities offered to students?

Apart from good training facilities, the institution should offer additional facilities such as the library, labs and common rooms. For international students in India, one of the crucial factors while selecting a course are the batch timings. Online and after-school classes offer flexibility 

How will my progress be assessed?

A factor that you should consider while signing up for the English language course is the eligibility for entering the course and how your progress will be assessed. Do you have to pass a proficiency test or complete an assignment to pass the course and are certifications given after the course ends?

Apart from these factors, you need to check the distance of the institute to ensure that regular commuting is not a hassle. Many universities and colleges now offer English language courses to prepare international students. Call up the international admissions office at your chosen university to find out more about the language courses on offer.

Learning English and achieving fluency is easier if you find a course that is the right fit for your needs. Contact various schools and ask for course curriculum and other details before signing up for the course.

Vishwakarma University, Pune offers a 6-month “Foundation in the English Language” programme for international students. With a combination of classroom learning and practical training, this course is ideal for non-native speakers who wish to enhance their English language skills, develop fluency and grammatically correct general language competency. It can either be taken as an independent course or prior to pursuing a full-time academic degree programme at Vishwakarma Group of Institutions. To enroll for the January 2020 batch, Contact: + 91 8600173940 or Email: sule.bipin@gmail.com





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