The media and communication industry has grown manifold in the last decade. New channels of communication, particularly the online and digital medium, have fast-tracked the progress in this field. Various other segments, including film, television, advertising, print media, and music have also seen a boom, thanks to the technology and growing demand for audio-visual communication. This has made journalism and mass communication a highly sought-after profession. In this article, we list some of the reasons why international students in India should opt for journalism and mass communication courses.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Journalism and Mass Communication Courses

Understand the Mass Media

The role of mass media is to inform, educate and entertain. Along with the traditional forms of mass media which include print media such as newspapers, books, magazines, broadcast media including radio and television, and cinema (movies and documentaries), mass media also includes digital platforms. With a course in mass communication and journalism, you will be equipped to create messages for a wide variety of audiences, tackle some of the hardest challenges in this field and lead from the front.

Explore Your Creative Potential

If creativity, research, writing and art are your forte, then a course in mass communication can propel your creative career and allow you to explore new ideas. Media is a vast industry and as someone with a creative bent of mind, a course in Journalism and Mass Communication can help you find opportunities as News Editors, TV Presenters, Art Directors, Writers, Corporate PR professionals, Broadcast Journalists, Critics, Film Directors and so much more.

Pursue a Career in Mass Communication and Journalism

A course in Mass Communication is an exhaustive professional course that prepares students for an exciting yet complex field. You don’t just have to learn about the different communication tools and the theories of communication but also about how to “entertain and educate” people with your messaging. Moreover, you don’t have to be restricted the traditional jobs. As a mass communication graduate, you can choose niche career paths photojournalism, technical writing, market research, film research, etc. 

Learn to Use Communication Tools

A mass communication and journalism student will learn various tools of communication including writing, analyzing, and evaluating the content, marketing skills, design software skills and much more.

Gain Practical Exposure

Students of journalism and mass communication get extensive practical exposure with training, internships and industry projects that prepares them for a career in communications. This is why a graduate student in mass communication has a running start as compared to graduates from different fields.

The Vishwakarma University, Pune offers 3 years (B.A.) and 2 years (M.A.) courses in JOURNALISM & MASS COMMUNICATION to empower students to create a trailblazing career in the field of news, media and entertainment.



International students wishing to join these courses can email: or call: 8600173940


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