Artificial Intelligence vs Machine learning vs Data Science: Let’s decode the jargon first

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, data science, neural networks, deep learning… people throw these terms around so often nowadays (and for good reason too). So, let’s get down to brass tacks and try and understand the difference between the three.

Data Science: This has to do with the collection, interpretation and understanding of data. For instance, a travel company might collate data of travel patterns and preferences of people and use this data to give customised recommendations to their clients.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is essentially when you impart the ability to computers to understand data, identify patterns, make logical connections and accurate predictions based on the above. For instance, a self driving car or a computer that plays chess.

Machine Learning: This is a specialisation WITHIN artificial intelligence, which tries to do away with programmer input and literally helps the machine “learn” to interpret the data and apply it. It focuses exclusively on the part of AI that involves learning and altering decision patterns. An example of this is your personalised Netflix recommendations, based on your viewing history.

The lines between the 3 are blurry in some places and overlap in many. Basically, Data Science and AI surround us completely and we don’t even realise it.

The increasing relevance and applications of Data Science and Artificial intelligence in current times

Businesses world-over are collecting gargantuan volumes of data, but this data is useless unless analysed, interpreted and applied. That’s where Data science and AI come in. Companies are using it to study customer behaviour patterns and buying trends, build recommendation engines, predicting customer behaviour and a whole plethora of other revenue-generating functions. It would be apt to say, any company, small or big, in the current times needs to incorporate AI and Data science into their systems to stay relevant in the current times.

Is a career in Data Science and AI worth It?

Absolutely! Whether you’ve completed your Bachelors or are pursuing your Masters, having a degree in these subjects will instantly boost your resume and enhance your employability 10x. The applications of AI and Data Science are not restricted to any one particular industry. Companies are looking to up-skill current employees and hire new ones that already possess these skills. Every day tons and tons of data inflow is being used to automate processes, improve efficiency, speed, revenue and personalise customer experience. Banking, healthcare, education, travel, entertainment… each and every industry is capitalising on data.

The compensation data scientists and AI engineers receive can go over $100,000 a year. The Harvard Business Review has declared “Data Scientist” as the sexiest job of the 21st century and an IBM survey predicts a 28% surge in demand for data scientists this year.

Now, who WOULDN’T want to do the sexiest job and get paid a lot of money for it?

If you’re still wondering about whether you should study Data Science and AI, stop thinking and start looking at the fantastic Bachelor’s program Vishwakarma University is offering here B.TECH in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


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