Why International Students Are Opting for Pune Colleges

India is consistently rising in the ranks to become a popular destination for international students. However, someone looking to study in India might be thrown off by the sheer number of choices in institutions and locations. We are here to tell you why Pune should be on the top of your list! Situated in Maharashtra, about a three-hour drive from the metropolis of Mumbai, Pune is a bustling city that retains a historical charm and small-town comfort. For a student who is looking to immerse themselves in the culture of India, Pune provides the perfect blend of rich tradition with modernity. An international student in Pune will have a plethora of opportunities to grow and explore. Keep reading to see our top reasons why you should pursue a degree in Pune!

How did Pune become the ultimate educational destination for International Students?

International students from across the globe have been attracted to India and especially Pune due to its cultural amalgamation, thriving nightlife, safe environment, career opportunities, and picturesque surroundings. 

Vibrant Student Life and Student Populations in India 

Pune has one of the largest student populations in India. This makes the city an academic melting pot: business students, film students, animation students, biotechnology students, law students—Pune has it all! Education is learning with your peers in and out of the classroom, and the city will allow you to broaden your horizons and learn about everything under the sun. Each college in Pune has its distinct style—unique canteens, campuses, and hostels. Every college has its unique fest and unique student population,  an event where students across the country visit the college for competitions, fun, games, and much more! The fierce and friendly competition between each college to have the most happening fest of the year is proof of Pune’s fantastic student life. You can make friends with students from across the city and across colleges, each of whom will have their personal fascinating stories that they weaved in Pune. 

Culture and Festivity

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the second-most populous state of India. In recent years, people from across the country have moved to Pune due to its sprawling industries. This makes the culture of Pune a unique mix—you can simultaneously encounter the vivid culture of Maharashtra with hints from different traditions across India. From Diwali to Eid, Pune lights up every few months. Once every year, the sacred pilgrimages from shrines across Maharashtra travel across Pune, and during this period the entire city greets the pilgrims with jubilance—you can hear the sacred music of the worshippers on every road. The Ganesh festival is the time when the city is most alive, and people visit the heritage idols scattered across the city as well as meet their loved ones and share some delicious modak. This festival is celebrated in Pune with great panache—grab a dhol and vibe to the exhilarating beats as the idol of God is worshipped! This makes the culture of Pune unique and attractive. 

Safety and Access

One of the factors that make Pune a great choice for an international student is its guaranteed safety. Pune is a city where you can feel safe at both early and late hours—morning walkers dot the streets from before sunset, and pubs run late into the night. The nightlife of Pune is known because of the increasing student population. A cheap and safe way to explore Pune is to hop into a rickshaw and watch the bustling streets of the city. Considered one of the safest urban locations in the country, you can roam around Pune without any fear. Feel free to have poha at 6 am or drop by a Maggi stand at midnight!

Socializing and Networking

Pune’s diverse community is the key to building a vast network of connections. Networking in Pune can happen anywhere—from a dance floor to a Starbucks to a vada pav stand! You can make the most out of your experience in India by meeting interesting people who could help you progress academically, professionally, or perhaps even spiritually. The Osho Ashram pulls international travelers from around the world, some of whom are renowned names in their field. The IT Parks in Pune feature key companies that have exponential possibilities for growth. If you stop by the older parts of the city, you could even meet Marathi directors and film stars hard at work on their newest project! 

Nature and Adventures

When one thinks of a city, you don’t usually think of nature and open spaces. Pune, however, is an exception—surrounded by hills, reaching untouched greenery will only take you a few hours of travel. Going on treks to the various peaks around the city is a popular Puneri pastime. Treks will allow you to see the glorious castles of the medieval Maratha rulers, whose hilltop military bases are now gorgeous and lush green tourist sights. Take a Sunday off from a stressful week of classes to go on a trek and sit near a ghat, breathing in the fresh air and scenery! Have steamed corn by a waterfall or an early morning ginger chai by a scenic valley view. No other city in India can give you such beautiful and easy getaways. 

The Way Ahead

International students are gravitating to Pune for many reasons. Networking and career opportunities are the primary reason. If you are looking to study in India then Pune is the ultimate educational destination. For educational opportunities, Vishwakarma University offers a plethora of branches and has something in store for every student. It aims to revolutionize education by focusing on futuristic and international standards of education. With its collaborations with top-notch foreign universities, industry and support measures, and world-class faculty, Vishwakarma University is a promising option for quality education in not only Pune but also India.


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