A flourishing economy, warm-hearted people, home to a multitude of tech giants and world class educational institutes: these are only a few of the reasons why India seems to be a popular destination for international students seeking higher education. Additionally, with the “Study in India” initiative, the government has simplified the visa processing and introduced a number of fee waivers to welcome foreign students.

While southern India is a popular destination, metros in Maharashtra like Pune and Mumbai are fast emerging as hot spots for international students because of their premium quality of institutes and vibrant lifestyle. 

Here’s a list of the top 10 courses that foreign students are choosing to pursue in India:

1. B.Tech: A field grounded in science, this practical knowledge-oriented degree is offered in multiple fields including IT, mechanics, chemical, aeronautics, biotech, civil and electronics, to name a few. India churns out about 1.5 million engineers every year. The admission process for international student varies from institute to institute. Students can apply either through the DASA (Direct Admission of Students) or directly to the college.

Vishwakarma institute of Technology, Pune is one of the top private engineering colleges in India, with some of the best recruiting firms visiting their campus and offering higher than average starting salaries. You can find details about the courses they offer here: vit.edu

2. Bachelor of Business Administration: This course is extremely popular among undergrads. A 3-year program, it delves into the depths of business management and can be followed up by an MBA. There are around 45 specialisations offered in India under the umbrella of BBA. These include: HR, Marketing, finance, hospitality, banking and insurance etc.

3. Bachelor of Commerce: A 3-year undergraduate program, it consists of majors like commerce and finance and a range of elective subjects you can choose from. B.Com is a popular degree among Indians and foreign students due to the array of career options available after graduation.  One can go on to enter the fields of commerce, accounting, finance, banking or insurance. Alternatively, you can opt for law, chartered accountancy, teaching, management, advertising etc.

4. Bachelor of Pharmacology: Biomedical science is a field that is not only in significant demand, but much needed given the current times. The B.Pharm program is a 4-year undergraduate program that studies, in extensive detail, the interaction of drug molecules with the body and its effects. A qualified pharmacologist can work as a research scientist, a clinical pharmacologist, an analytical chemist, a biomedical scientist or a clinical research associate.

5. Bachelor of Computer Applications: A popular choice, BCA is considered to be at par with a B.E. or B.Tech in computer engineering. This 3-year course gives you a head start into the much sought-after information Technology industry.

6. Bachelor of Science: A prestigious B.Sc degree in computer science, physics, biology, mathematics etc. prepares you for an academic track. It is the perfect program for students looking to dive deep into the pure sciences as well as students that wish to pursue careers in applied sciences and find employment in various multi- and inter-disciplinary spheres of science.

The Vishwakarma College of Arts, Commerce and Science offers excellent courses in BCA, B.Sc as well as B.Com. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, the college is located in a peaceful and beautiful part of Pune. Yet, it is extremely accessible to the city centre, which is only a few minutes away from the campus. You can find more information here: vcacs.ac.in 

7. Bachelor of Arts: The study of arts involves a comprehensive study of the humanities and social sciences. International students have the option to study Arts at either the UG, PG or PhD level in India.

8. Medicine/M.B.B.S.: Indian medical universities provide world-class education at reasonable prices. As compared to USA, where a medical degree costs about 25,000USD, in India, the same program costs about 1000USD. Another reason why international students are increasingly choosing to study medicine here is the opportunity for hands-on experience with the multitude and variety of patients in the college hospitals. 

9. Bachelor of Dental Studies: Similar to MBBS, the 5-year BDS program attracts students from world over including foreign nationals as well as NRIs. The affordability of these colleges, excellent curriculum that is constantly changing in order to be relevant and the ability to practice a wide variety of cases has made dentistry a popular course among foreign students. It is also a considerably shorter program than in USA, Canada and other countries and one can graduate as a dentist at a much younger age in India, thus giving you an early head start.

10. Nursing: After USA, India is the second largest nurse-producing country in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty and tremendous scope for hands-on experience, the nursing course is increasingly becoming more desired by foreign students.

Apart from these 10 courses, a number of students visit India for cultural exchange programs or for a semester to experience the rich cultural and culinary offerings here. Most metros are very welcoming to international students, who feel right at home because of the Indian hospitality. A perfect mix of tradition and technology, the Indian education system is poised to be the next major destination for international students.


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