Top 5 Reasons to Study in India

Increasingly, the Indian education system and Indian universities are becoming popular world over, making it a hot study-abroad destination. Studying and education in India can be rewarding for international students. Several advances are being made in the education sector including the plan of setting up 10 new private universities which will be constructed on the benchmark of Stanford and Princeton Universities with modern infrastructure, which could be a star to the sky of the Indian education system. 

Let’s take a look at a few points which would help us understand what exactly are the top reasons to study in India.


1. Top Universities in India and Upgrading Infrastructure 

India is the 2nd largest education system in the world, with over 950 Universities and over 38,000 colleges. The best universities in the country offer various courses, degrees and provide career counselling to get a perfect job. Indian engineering colleges have been the banner conveyors of India’s advanced education, with regards to the occasions and the ability needs of the worldwide work requirements. 

Indian colleges are offering a large group of different courses like Masters in Business Administration, Sciences, Liberal Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Photonics and Design Thinking. Accordingly, a large number of its advanced education foundations figure in the top 100 Asian Universities according to The World University rankings of 2018. Indian universities also offer a host of novel, intriguing and speciality courses, like Yoga, Ayurveda or Buddhism.

2. A Lot More Affordable Than Other Countries 

If you compare the cost of education in India with the finest institutions of the world you’ll find that the costs are way more affordable in comparison to them. On average, most Indian Universities charge around $3000 – $8000 per academic year. 

You can also have financial help from the Indian Government but only when you’ve stayed in India for three consecutive years. Apart from the reasonable cost of education, the low cost of living also makes India a suitable location for quality education. The cost of living depends on what you do and where you live in India. Basic living costs such as food, water and rent can go up to 15000 to 20000 INR. This is much lower than the US or other European countries. You can have the best education from the best universities in India at a very affordable price.

3. Language is No Barrier Here 

Are you worried because you don’t know the local language? One of the perks of living in India is the absence of a language barrier. With the kind of diversity this country has, you’ll always find a buddy to help you out. Also, English is very well understood at the best universities in the country. The medium of education is mostly English at these universities. The colonial past of India also makes English a widely spoken and understood language throughout the country.

4. Indian Culture and Lifestyle 

India is known worldwide for its culture. One more thing that India is very widely known for is it’s variety of exquisite cuisines that attracts international tourists and students alike. Indian curries, naans and sugar puddings have spread across the corners of the world. What could be better than experiencing the authentic flavours? 

India also has rich, intriguing stories, from the histories of the Hindu divine beings through to conventional folk tales and legends, Indian stories have all that anyone could need to keep you captivated for quite a long time.

5. Possibility of Work After Graduation

There are restrictions for foreign nationals to work in India during their tenure of pursuing any course. However, NRI (Non-Resident Indians), OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) and PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) students are exempted from the restrictions. Unlike restrictions during the time of the study, foreign nationals can work after their course is completed if they are offered employment. Employment visas are given for a year but that can be extended. They can also work on a contract basis. There are two conditions to the employment visa

-The employee must be employed in a skilled position i.e. as a senior executive or at a managerial level.

-The visa holder must be earning at least USD 25,000.

Vishwakarma Welcomes All International Students

Vishwakarma University, a name defining quality education for over 35+ years is home to some 400+ International students from 35+ countries. We have earned a great reputation for delivering academic and research excellence within an inspiring and supportive learning environment.

We welcome students from all over the world to explore our wide choice of programmes in various streams from Foundation through Undergraduate and Postgraduate to Research. Students can pursue various programmes at affordable costs. We would like to warmly welcome you to be a part of the Vishwakarma Institutes. By choosing to study with us, you will give yourself a foundation that will set you apart for the rest of your life. All the communication related to admissions and other issues of International Students are to be addressed to,

The Director, International Student Cell, VG, Pune 

India Will Never Leave You Even If you Leave The Country. 

Studying in India will motivate you to travel more, to explore more, and to transform into the best version of yourself. The associations you make, the encounters you have, the realisations you have, will all meld into a piece of yourself that will remain capably dynamic as life continues.


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